Lady Gaga Requests Paparazzi Photographers Photoshop Pics of Her

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Gaga's Nude Moments
Lady Gaga takes it all off.
Apparently, Lady Gaga requests a little photoshop nip/tuck when it comes to her photos of herself.

Page Six reports the “Born This Way” singer required final approval of all photos taken of her at an event last week. The snappers were told to “smooth out her jaw line and thin her arm, and smooth out and thin her legs,” the gossip column claims.

Gaga, who was recently caught giving her boyfriend Taylor Kinney a sexy lap dance at BPM nightclub, performed her final Manhattan concert at Roseland Ballroom last night and WireImage/Getty photographer Kevin Mazur had the exclusive access to shoot Gaga’s performances.

Mazur told Page Six that he did retouch the photos, but “It’s like with any other artist I work with, and it’s very minimal because we want to get the photos out there right away.” He said his “improvements” merely consist of removing beads of sweat or fly-away hair. 

Not so, claim the photogs who attended a Gaga event with less access than Mazur. “They are all complaining she’s a control freak,” the event organizer told Page Six’s Richard Johnson. The photogs had to agree to give Gaga final approval before any of their photos could be released to the media.

It seems like Gaga, 28, is just fine with this tidbit of her “Monster” perfectionism out there. In response to the story, she tweeted: