A Look Back At Memorable Moments From The MTV Movie Awards

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MTV Movie: Worst Dressed
Our worst dressed list for MTV Movie Awards 2012.
Answer this: What do you get when you combine naked celebrities, alcohol, and absurd award categories like ‘Best Scared As S**t Performance’?

That’s right, the MTV Movie Awards! Leave it up to the creative minds at MTV to put on a show unlike any other. One night a year, A-list celebrities like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are conned into spending time with the lesser known names in Hollywood, and watch in awe at the chaos that ensues. The undoubtedly endless supply of liquor has made for some very memorable Movie Award moments over the years.

From epic performances to celeb PDA, here’s a look back the all-time most memorable moments from the MTV Movie Awards. Launch the gallery to see more moments.

The 2001 performance of Lady Marmalade featured some of music’s biggest names:

And who can forget the confusion and controversy surrounding Sacha Baron Cohen’s flying stunt during the 2009 show?