The ‘Sharknado 2’ Filmmakers Want Your Money to Finish Their Movie

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Tara Reid shoots 'Sharknado 2: The Second One' in NYC.
If you’re hoping for the second installment in the Sharknado franchise to be bigger, better, and chainsaw-ier than the first, you’re going to have to lend a hand and open your wallet.

The studio behind last year’s Syfy cheese-fest and its upcoming sequel, Sharkando 2: The Second One, is asking fans to help them raise $50,000 so they can afford to film what they’re calling a “bonus scene.”

If you are lucky or were smart enough to not have seen the Ian Ziering starring TV-movie, you also missed its over-the-top chainsaw filled finale.

It sounds like the producers want the sequel to be even more ridiculous, saying the “bonus scene” will involve “sharks, chainsaws, and chainsaws being used in the vicinity of sharks.”

Problem is, they want you to help pay for all those sharks and chainsaws.

“You guys made Sharknado the most culturally relevant film of last year. Now we want you to be able to say that this time, you actually had a hand in making the film. You’re welcome!”

In a campaign video released by The Asylum, Producer David Latt tells potential contributors that the scene will only be shot if the studio reaches its $50k goal and only they will be privy to what the scene is. They’ll also receive behind-the-scenes video and cast diaries from the set.

Perks at different pledge levels include “sponsoring” a shark in the film ($45), recording a scream to be used in the film ($120), and receiving a walk-on role ($5,000). If you enjoy throwing your money away, you can make your contribution via IndieGoGo.

Sharkando 2: The Second One premieres July 30th at 9PM EST on Syfy. And if you want to help pay for the “bonus scene,” you’ve got until May 30th to waste your hard earned money.