Rita Ora on Zac Efron’s MTV Movie Awards Shirt Ripping: ‘It Was Warm, Soft, Tender’

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Zac Efron's Abs
Zac Efron took off his shirt at the MTV Movie Awards.
I think just about everyone in America is just a tad jealous of Rita Ora being the one who ripped off Zac Efron‘s shirt during the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

Zac had this to say about the shirt ripping…

“I don’t know what just happened,” he told MTV afterwards. “I have no idea.”

“There’s no real speech you can give for that,” he continued about winning the award for Best Shirtless Performance. “I feel like I actually got helped out. She helped me out.”

This was Zac’s tweet about the incident:


Now Rita Ora, knew exactly what to say about the news making incident.

“I am the one who holds the title for touching Zac Efron‘s… physique,” the lucky singer recalled. “It was warm, soft, tender… like a chicken’s thigh.” Um… what?

Still, we can all thank Rita Ora for bestowing the best gift of all on viewers last night.

“I was about to bail, and she ripped my shirt off for me, so that was kind of cool of her,” Efron said. And he later took to Twitter to thank Ora for her “bold move,” writing:

Rita posted this to her Instagram account with the following caption, “Oh yeah this happened….it’s ok you guys can thank me later! #mtvmovieswards @zacefron.”

Launch the gallery to see more pics of Rita Ora and Zac Efron’s shirtless encounter above.