Selena Gomez Didn’t Tell Her Parents She was Firing Them

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Selena Gomez reportedly fired her mom and step dad as her management team last week after deciding to seek more professional representation.

And, as if having to fire her own parents wasn’t already bad enough… Selena failed to even let them know.

Selena’s Mom Mandy Teefey said she had no warning that the “Come and Get It” singer was about to axe them as her manager and only found out about it through the press.

The ex-Momager told TMZ she and Selena’s step dad sat down with the singer on Thursday after reading the news to make sure she was ready to move on.  Selena confessed she was.

The gossip website claims Mandy is still having a difficult time processing the decision after overseeing Selena’s career for so many years (since her first big break on Wizards of Waverly Place).

However, Mandy says she respects her daughter’s decision and plans to continue producing several movie projects with her in the future.