Model Tweets Proof That Terry Richardson Offered Her a ‘Vogue’ Shoot in Exchange for Sex

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At this point, it’s not exactly new information that celebrity photographer Terry Richardson is a grade-A creep. There have been countless exposés, anonymous accusations and first-person accounts of Richardson’s inappropriate and exploitative behavior on and off set. Now, a British model has another addition to the file, tweeting that Richardson offered her a Vogue spread in exchange for sex.

This tweet from a British model reportedly shows a Facebook message from Terry Richardson in which he offers to give her a Vogue spread in exchange for sex.

The tweet was sent out Sunday from model Emma Appleton‘s account, which has since been deleted. Richardson’s representative are, of course, denying the allegations.

The photo is, of course, not indisputable proof, but it would be pretty difficult to fake a Facebook message. Plus, at a certain point, how many models need to claim that Terry Richardson tried to get them naked before we start believing them?

Vogue, too, issued a statement. “The last assignment Terry Richardson had for US Vogue appeared in the July 2010 issue and we have no plans to work with him in the future,” said Director of Communications, Hildy Kuryk.