‘Hunger Games’ star Sam Calflin Frolics Shirtless in Ocean with Bikini-Clad Wife

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'Hunger' in Atlanta
'Hunger Games' stars spotted relaxing at local movie theater.
Hello there Finnick!

The Hunger Games star Sam Claflin was looking quite hunky while going shirtless on the beach in Maui, Hawaii yesterday (April 23, 2014).

The 27-year-old movie star enjoyed some PDA and fun in the ocean with his gorgeous wife Laura Haddock.

And although they’d been married nearly a year they were clearly still in their honeymoon phase, looking officially loved-up together on the beach.

In Sam’s new film, The Quiet Ones, which opens in theaters tomorrow (April 25, 2014), the actor plays Brian, a cameraman hired to document “the experiment,” where an Oxford professor tries to make a young girl manifest a supernatural being that haunts her.

He spoke with Reuters about how the film influenced Sam’s views on the supernatural. This is what Sam had to say:

The horror movies that really connect with me are the ones where you never see the monster, you never see or quite understand what it is that they’re chasing. This (film) is a prime example of that – you never see what Evey is, it’s a power or a force you can’t explain, not too dissimilar to the Paranormal Activity (films) and The Blair Witch Project. There’s something about your imagination able to run free that really is quite dangerous because you conjure up such horrible things, and you can’t even quite put it on paper.

So until Sam’s film opens, make sure to peruse the shirtless pics of Sam in the gallery above and let your imagination run free.