Brandy Talks Kim Kardashian: Why They’re No Longer Friends

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Before she became the beauty and fashion mogul she is today, Kim Kardashian was a mere stylist for then-BFF Brandy.

And while many say Kim’s success rose indirectly from Brandy’s fame (mostly through her brother Ray J), the two are no longer friends.

During Watch What Happens Liveon Thursday night, the Grammy Award winner didn’t beat around the bush when questioned about the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

The show’s host Andy Cohen asked Brandy point-blank if she’s still friends with any of Kardashian Klan.

“No,” she replied, stone faced.

Cohen prodded, “[So] that was like scorched earth after it ended?”

“I wouldn’t say ‘scortched earth,'” the singer replied. “Just, you know, we grew in different directions.”

However, she did make sure to add that she “still has love for them” though!

Watch the video above to see how she responds when asked about her brother Ray J and his sex tape spoof with Joan Rivers.