Wardrobe Winners: Best Dressed Celebs of the Week

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Well folks, the day has finally come.

No longer do we have to wait for stars like Emma Watson, to grace the red carpet during the Oscars in order to get a sick Best Dressed List to feast our fashion hungry eyes upon.

Starting now, being a well dressed celeb on any given day of the week will be celebrated – as it should have always been – with Celebuzz’s newest and BEST Best Dressed list of all, Wardrobe Winners!

The Hollywood Honey’s who get to call themselves the very first Wardrobe Winners were the ones who took fashion risks, wore bold colors, and ultimately made me remember why I love spring so much with all the fabulous dress wearing that goes on in the months of March through May.

Leading the pack in stride this week are such celebs as Emma Stone,Rita Ora, and Sarah Jessica Parker (surprise surprise, right?).

WARNING: this is quite a strong list of fashion savvy babes.

That being said, just friendly a reminder to all the celebs that didn’t quite make the cut this time around, it’s time to step up your everyday fashion game!

Because let’s get real, dressing well makes everything better and we really wanna fantasize about wearing your gorgeous clothes.

Launch the gallery above to see this weeks Wardrobe Winners and let us know in the comments below which looks were your favorites.