Jennifer Lawrence Flips the Bird, and, Spoiler Alert, It’s Not the Mockingjay

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I can’t even choose my favorite part of this. Jennifer Lawrence, looking quite pissed off, flipping off the paparazzi? In a pink cab that reads “Love Is All You Need”? While boyfriend Nicholas Hoult attempts to physically restrain her? It’s all so good, just like today’s winning captions.

Come on Jen, don’t show them my penis size.” – Kristin


“Flipping the “mocking bird” – Vicki

“See no ring…..” – Ricky

“Nick: Hold it higher or they won’t see it! There.” – Shaine

“Love Is All You Need♥…..I don’t think Jen got the memo or obviously didn’t read the back of the cab….c’mon Jen. Lol” – Nicole

“Still number one” – Zahra

“Hey paps look at this sign on the roof of the cab.. Oh wait wrong finger” – Jasmine

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