Elizabeth Banks Talks Putting Her Hands on James Marsden’s ‘Hot Body!’

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Marsden Replacing Walker?
The actor was offered Walker's role in Nicholas Sparks movie.
Elizabeth Banks‘ film Walk of Shame will be released in theaters and On Demand this Friday, May 2nd. To celebrate her new film hitting your local movie theater, she is taking over Celebuzz today! Check back throughout the day to see all the fun we had with Elizabeth, and make sure to check out Walk of Shame on Friday.

Alright ladies, it’s been confirmed, James Marsden is your dream man!

Elizabeth Banks, his co-star in the new upcoming movie, Walk of Shame, spilled really steamy details about working with James. Want to hear what Elizabeth had to say about shooting a sex scene with her on-screen love interest? Check out our video!

It turns out, James has a really fine body! Elizabeth told Celebuzz that James is, “so fit it’s crazy!” We knew James was talented and he clearly has an amazing smile, but now we can definitely add hot body to the list! Swoon, he really is the perfect guy! Elizabeth also revealed that her favorite part of filming the scene was, “getting to put my hands all over that fitness!” Of course! That would be ours too, Elizabeth!

Want to hear more about Walk of Shame? Watch the video! You’ll hear Elizabeth reveal more details about the movie, like which television shows her character would have on her DVR.

Plus, don’t forget! Walk of Shame will be released in theaters and on demand this Friday, May 2nd.┬áMake sure to follow Elizabeth Banks on Twitter and Facebook, as well as Walk of Shame on Twitter and Facebook.