Kate Upton’s Butt Requires Your Full Attention

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Guys: stop what you’re doing and pay some attention to Kate Upton‘s butt.

The 21-year-old laments (jokingly, of course) the lack of notice people give to her rear view, in favor of her, well, front view. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and her cleavage grace nearly ever cover on the um, racks, these days and Kate wants you to spread the love, so to speak.

Kate, who hails from Michigan, was clearly having a blast on the set of her Cook Islands photo shoot for Sports IllustratedA behind-the-scenes video has just been released and Kate is thrilled to be shooting in the warm waters of the South Pacific, as opposed to say, Antarctica.

“I feel warm, I feel great, I feel excited. I think SI likes me again” Kate jokes as the crew headed out to the shoot. But it’s what she says later in the clip that reveals the fun Kate is able to have at her own expense.

“You know what, my butt doesn’t get that much attention, so I think this shot will get it the attention it deserves.”

The Other Woman star, whom fellow actress Amanda Seyfried recently referred to as the “new image of beauty,” is currently dating baseball player Justin Verlander, so you’ll just have to check out the video above and pretend you have a chance with the blonde bombshell.