Wardrobe Winners: Best Dressed Celebs of the Week 5.3.14

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Cara & Miley Tongue
Cara Delevingne & Miley Cyrus touch tongues.
Another week, another new Best Dressed list to feast your eyes upon!

This weeks Wardrobe Winners were significantly more edgy than last weeks – yes, we’re talking bout you Cara Delevingne – and I am loving the change up! Click through the gallery above to see which of your favorite celebs got a nod of approval towards their wardrobe this week!

While last week most of the looks were focused on pretty dresses, girly elements and softer colors, this week I noticed a lot more looks that were rough around the edges (possibly something to do with this ridiculous LA heatwave?) but I wasn’t complaining.

Black, silver, leather, fur, pops of bright colors, and plenty of prints all had me going wild. These stars were really on their A-List Fashion Game this week and overall had outfits that just floored me.

With celebs like Emma Stone (she may or may not have made the list twice), Zoe Saldana, and Kate Moss leading the pack, this weeks Wardrobe Winners are coming in hot!

But don’t let me keep you – see for yourself! Launch the gallery above and let us know in comments which looks were your favorites of the week!