Hayden Panettiere Trips, Rihanna Laughs, and We All Win. Well, Everyone Except Hayden Wins.

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Excuse me, sir? At what time precisely will the ceremony in which Rihannais to be awarded the Nobel Prize for laughing at Hayden Panettiere tripping down the stairs at the Met Gala begin? I don’t want to miss a moment. And are the Nobel Prizes for today’s winning captions being handed out at the same ceremony, or is that later?

“B*tches be trippin'” – Gla

“Gurrll did you have a nice trip?…im sure ill see you next fall.!” – Emily

“That was quite a show very entertaining but its over now, go on and take a BOW……” – Pamela

“I have to hurry and get some paparazzi time before Rihanna gets there!” – Sarah

“Hayden you are a trip. You always have me falling over with laughter.” – Latrise

“Silly girl…trips are for kids!” – Dena

“That’s what happens when you wear your sheets to an event lol” – Jennifer

“White girls always trippin” – Jeremy

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