Charlize Theron’s ‘Ugly’ Face is Still Hot And It’s Disgusting

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Charlize Theron is hands down one of the hottest women in the industry, and I swear I’ve never seen her look bad… Well, until now.

Just a few days after making our Met Gala Best Dressed list, she’s been caught looking… UGLY!


Just kidding.  I think it’s pretty much impossible for her to look ugly even if she tried, which is exactly what she’s doing in the new promotional skit for her upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live.

When host Taran Killam asks Charlize to show him how to make sexy “model faces,” she responds in a myriad of hilariously heinous faces.  And the sad truth of it all is that she still looks hot, even better than most of us look normally. 🙁

Launch the video above to watch for yourself.