Did You Think Beyoncé Was Joking When She Told You to ‘Bow Down’?

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Benevolent Queen Beyoncé Knowles thanks you for trailing behind her, holding her train. She couldn’t have made it this far without you, really. But that will be all now, thank you. Please be moving along. It is now time for her to turn her generous attention to the authors of today’s winning captions.

“Here servant have a skittle” – Melissa

“btch dont touch my dress heres a penny go buy one” – Sheizher

“thanks for following me heres your candy” – Sheizher

“see, you should have put a ring on it, now you paying!!” – Krystal

“Bow down b*tches” – Lauren

hey you… come here, and hold the bottom of my dress up, so the paparazzi can get a better picture of my famous arse…” – Fiona

“That’s right *itch make momma look good here’s a dime” – Tonya

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