A Serious Investigation Into Jennifer Lopez’s Breadstick

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Earlier this morning, we reported on the very important news that Jennifer Lopez is now a vegan. After seeing this photo, the question that immediately sprung to everyone’s mind: Is that a vegan breadstick? Everyone’s reporting on some dumb elevator brawl, but what the people really want to know is IS THAT BREADSTICK VEGAN??? Ugh. All of this news reporting has made me hungry… for today’s winning captions!

“Could that fine piece of ass be my next husband” – Donna

“”Still can’t believe Beyonce just watched…” – Amber

“Will this tiny mini bread stick even be worth it….I’ll definitely have to do an extra workout” – Jessica

“Maybe I should just get it this over with and shove this pretzel stick up my nose and really give the paparazzi something to talk about. ..” – Kit-Kat

“F*ck Jenny Craig, I’m Jenny from the Block!” – Cheleii

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