CBS Passes on ‘How I Met Your Dad’

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Perhaps the biggest surprise of upfront season came Wednesday morning when CBS announced that How I Met Your Dad would not be on its fall schedule. The How I Met Your Mother spinoff, which stars Greta Gerwig, was seen as one of the surest bets of pilot season.

The network claims that it had issues with “certain creative elements” of the pilot and wanted to reshoot, but it appears the show’s creators, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, are not interested in shooting a new pilot. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the show is dead forever, Thomas and Bays could shop the pilot they shot around to other networks, and given the success of HIMYM, it wouldn’t be surprising if someone else were interested. And there’s always the possibility that they will reshoot the pilot, and that CBS and 20th Century Fox, who’s producing the show, are arguing over who pays for the reshoot.

At its upfront presentation, CBS executives said that they were “heartsick” that the show was not on the fall schedule.

There always was something about Greta Gerwig, the queen of mumblecore, on CBS that felt off.