Here’s Alec Baldwin’s NYC Bike Arrest in Taiwanese Animation Form

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Alec Quits Public Life
Alec Baldwin has a lot to say in this piece for NYMag.
Leave it to the folks at Taiwan’s Next Media Animation to recap Alec Baldwin’s recent bike arrest for you.

In the animated video, Baldwin can be seen riding a pink bike and causing trouble on the streets of New York, all while being confronted by two overweight NYPD officers.

“The actor was stopped for riding against traffic,” reads the closed captioning. “When asked for ID he didn’t have, he lost it on the cops, so they confiscated his bike, which brought out Baldwin’s bitchy-resting face.”

Baldwin, 56, was nabbed by the officers for riding his bike the wrong way on Fifth Avenue on Tuesday. Following his release — which came with two summonses — the former 30 Rock star took to Twitter to express his frustration.

A sampling:




Baldwin has since retweeted a link to the animated video of his arrest.