Ian Somerhalder Shows Off His Killer Smile at BloodyNightCon 4 in Barcelona

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Ian Somerhalder Nude!?
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Ian Somerhalder was joined by actors Malese Jow and Nathaniel Buzolic at the BloodyNightCon 4 press conference yesterday (May 16, 2014) in Barcelona, Spain.

The three CW stars also took part in a Q&A session and took time to meet with fans.

Ian has busy promoting The Vampire Diaries of late. He just paid a visit to the Bloody Night Con Europe‘ press conference held at The Egg Gallery in Brussels, Belgium with co-star Kat Graham.

Ian posted the following pic to Instagram with the message:

“Insane jet lag… thinking of you Brazil-happy to be in Lovely Spain-see you again in a bit more than a week again Brazil -then I’ll be missing you Spain.Ahhh! So so many beautiful places and people and creatures and conversations!Why do we ruin our world and each other! I think ill sleep on that… Love, Ian”

Although he did miss the CW Upfronts this past Thursday (May 15, 2014), but luckily Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev were able to handle the event for him.

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