Can Kristen Bell Guess How Much People Are Willing to Pay for ‘Frozen’ Merchandise?

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The next global crisis is a shortage of 'Frozen' merchandise.
Kristen Bell is a very popular movie star. However, as popular as she is, Frozen, in which she stars, is even more popular. It’s so popular, in fact, that people are going bananas for Frozen merchandise, spending outlandish amounts of money to get their hands on some Princess Anna swag.

I sat down with Kristen and the two of us played a game, to see if she could guess how much money different Frozen items were selling for on eBay.

Bell and I also talked about some of her recent projects, including a collaboration with Lipton’s Win an Extra SUNday campaign. It was Bell’s first time behind the camera, serving as creative director for the videos featuring Carl and Stu. Bell and I also talked about the recent success of Frozen and Veronica Mars and she told me whether or not we could expect to see Neptune’s favorite daughter back on the big screen anytime soon.

In addition to work, we talked a little about home as well; I just had to ask about the portrait of Brad Pitt that Ellen DeGeneres recently gifted Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard. So be sure to check out the game and our exclusive interview in both videos above.