Watch ‘Buff’ Jimmy Fallon Nip Sync With Terry Crews

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Emma vs. Jimmy
The 'Spider-Man' actress shows Fallon how it's done.
Shut the front door! Has Jimmy Fallon been hittin’ the gym or what?

The comedian shed his shirt for a “nip sync” contest with The Expendables 3star Terry Crews, and at least a minute, it seemed like the 39-year-old Tonight Show host had revealed a previously unseen ripped physique. Alas, the wonders of CGI. 

Fallon and Crews flexed their oiled-up pecs to the soothing beat of Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder‘s classic tune “Ebony and Ivory” last night for the show’s first ever “nip sync.” Crews, 45, whose hilarious Old Spice commercials prominently feature his beefy bod, looked his usual sculpted self but Jimmy has been seen shirtless exactly … once, according to a Google image search.

Jimmy gets “tattooed” for Rolling Stone circa 2011

Watch the two funnymen ham it up in the clip above.