Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin Are Bringing Fist Bumps Back, Everyone Do Fist Bumps Now!

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Or perhaps I am wrong and fist bumps never even left, in which case Jennifer Lawrence is a bit behind the times, hence the reason Sam Claflin does not appear to be reciprocating the fist bump? Fist bumps for all of today’s winning caption authors! FIST BUMPS!

“I love that we have matching haircuts” – Sonia

“Jennifer – ‘Hey Sam… I’m just soooo impressed with your sewing skills, buddy! No one will ever know you turned 88 doilies into this amazing dress.’
Sam- ‘Oh Stop! It was only 83.’ – Gina

“Pound it, I found the pizza!!” – Kasuhal

“R u HUNGRY..? I heard ur tummy growling…” – Melissa

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