Beyoncézilla Will Destroy Us All and Other Funny Things

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Your faves can run, they can hide, but they cannot escape Beyoncézilla, a monstrous mashup of Beyoncé and Godzilla here to destroy the earth (and the Billboard charts) as we know it. Sorry, other faves! Console yourself with the rest of this week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup! (Kimye wedding goodies, Seinfeld meets Orange Is the New Black, and more below!)

Enjoy this unseen photo taken at Kimye’s wedding:

You probably already saw The New York Post‘s writeup of the wedding, but if not…

A few hipster book titles (for books you’ve probably never even heard of):

A PSA about the perils of dyslexia:

Mashable mashed up Seinfeld and Orange is the New Black, and this is what happened:

And that’s all I’ve got for you! Did you want more? Too bad! This is all that was left after Beyzilla’s rampage…