Lea Michele Talks Drinking and Peeing Her Pants

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Lea & Matthew
Lea Michele once dated Matthew Morrison.
Lea Michele sure has a lot of stories to tell. So naturally, she spilled her best anecdotes on her latest visit to Chelsea Lately this week.

The Glee actress first regaled us with tales of her childhood alcoholism drinking experiences as a toddler. Coming from an Italian family, Michele explained that drinking wine during dinner — even as a child — was completely normal.

“It makes me seem crazy!” Michele said on the late night talk show Thursday. “I’m Italian, so at the dinner table it would be like Pellegrino, a jug of soda and a huge thing of wine. Everyone was just drinking wine, like it was part of what you would have along with your dinner. Growing up, I’d be having dinner with my boyfriend and his parents and I’d be like, ‘Where’s the wine? Pass the wine.’ At like 17! And they’re like, ‘This girl’s crazy.'”

“When they make it so you can have it, then you don’t want it,” she said, adding that she never got fully drunk at the table. “It’s when they’re like, ‘You can’t have this,’ kids are like, ‘We gotta get that booze.'”

And speaking of handling your liquids: Michele also revealed that she peed her pants before meeting President Barack Obama at his 2013 inauguration. Feeling nervous to sing in front of the POTUS, the starlet asked her date, actor and BFF Jonathan Groff, to calm her nerves. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out well.

“He was my date and decided that the best thing to do before I went on to sing for the president was to make me laugh so hard that I peed my pants,” she said. “We had to change the bed!”

It’s a good thing she stole some presidential toilet paper then.

Watch more from her interview, above.