Kylie Jenner is Back in Her Bikini and Back on Instagram

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Khloe Kardashian's intense booty-shaping workout.
The wedding is over and summer has arrived! At least that seems to be the attitude Kylie Jenner has, as she’s back on Instagram and back in her favorite piece of clothing…a bikini.

Posted just a few hours ago, the new pic showcases the youngest Jenner’s love of high-fashion, fun in the sun, and making sure she’s always ‘bikini ready.’

Sadly there wasn’t anything witty or cute attached to the photo in a way of a caption, but I feel like Kylie knew the photo would get people talking regardless of anything she had to say.

So soak it in people! I hope you’re as ready for the summer as Kylie is. Either that, or this post will give you a nice dose of summertime sadness.