Meryl Streep Gets Really Mean in the Trailer for ‘The Giver’

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This second trailer for The Giver gives us a much longer look at what the film adaptation will look like. It also gives us much more Meryl Streep, though there’s even less Taylor Swift.

There’s plenty of Meryl in this trailer and oh boy does she look mean. Do not cross her unless you are Brenton Thwaites. We also get a lot more of Jeff Bridges as The Giver. Alexander Skarsgard and Katie Holmes mostly just stand around. But imagine having them as parents. What an intimidatingly beautiful couple.

The trailer also shows us how the film will distinguish between the oppressive world of The Giver and the freedom The Giver provides: Pleasantville-style black and white versus color.

The Giver comes out August 15, just in time to satisfy the cravings for a dystopian future film you’ve had since the last dystopian future film came out like two minutes ago.