Angelina Jolie and William Hague Launches Fight Against Wartime Rape at Global Summit

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Actress and UN special envoy Angelina Jolie makes the opening speech with co-host Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague at the start of the four-day Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict today (June 10, 2014) in London, England.

The four-day conference on sexual violence in war is hosted by Foreign Secretary William Hague and UN Special Envoy and actress Angelina Jolie.

According to the U.N. children’s agency, UNICEF, more than 150 million young girls and 73 million boys experience sexual violence every year, and children in conflict-affected countries are the most vulnerable. Yet shockingly few perpetrators are ever prosecuted or convicted.

Jolie called for the international community to put priority on efforts to hold those responsible for sexual violence to account.

And she said it was time to end a culture of silence and denial that helps war zone rape to thrive, and means that the rapists rarely face justice.

“They feel above the law because the law rarely touches them and society tolerates them,” she said.

“We must send a message around the world that there is no disgrace in being a survivor of sexual violence — that the shame is on the aggressor.”

It is up to everyone to help make this summit a turning point, Jolie said, and to work across borders, governments and religious faiths to bring an end to the use of rape and sexual violence in war.

“We really can do it,” she said.

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