What Did Kris Jenner Think About Jaden Smith’s Batman Costume at Kimye’s Wedding?

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Kylie & Jaden
'Pals' Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith pose in bed together.
Kylie Jenner‘s BFF (and rumored boyfriend) Jaden Smith was one of the few people invited to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s wedding–Not even Khloe‘s beau French Montana made the cut!

But Jaden didn’t let the fanciness of the very private event intimidate him and keep him from being his normal, silly self, showing up at the black tie event wearing a Batman costume!

So what did  Kris Jenner think of his, er, interesting take on attire?

“Just genius!” She told HuffPost.

The reality star momager approved of Jaden’s goofy costume saying, “He is the greatest kid in the world. I’m very close to Jaden and he’s like one of my own, you know, and he had this Batman costume on, and I thought it was just genius. When you look at it … it sounds just crazy. It was beautiful. He looked so good, and so fun, and he also has a really good sense of humor.”

Not to mention, that handy-dandy little costume came as a necessity after the wedding, as Kris explains she actually had to borrow the boots to get home.

“He saved my life the next day,” the 58-year-old revealed, “Because I lost my suit and shoes I had gone to Florence in… I couldn’t find my clothes. I happened to have a pair of jeans and a jacket and shirt to leave in. But I had no shoes.”

She continued, “[Then] Jaden came walking out of the hotel and I said. ‘Jaden, where’s your Batman boots?’… And I borrowed them! So Batman saved the day.”

LOL! Looks like the costume was a winner after all…And mom-approved at that!