Taking a Selfie With Selfie Queen Kim Kardashian Is Like Winning the Selfie Gold Medal

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Congratulations, street ladies, on achieving what us lowly bathroom selfie-takers can only ever dream of achieving: a Kim Kardashian selfie. We bow down. We bow down to your selfie victory and to today’s winning captions.

“Im your biggest fan! See, I have your sex tape right here on my phone!!!” – Laci

“This b*tch better not touch my ring!!” – Mercy

“You mean you’re going to be in the picture too?? I only do selfies!!” – Cookie

“I’m gonna need you to call my Photoshop company after this pic.to adjust everything & then call kanye to approve it.” – Sheila

“Oh yay a free selfie, i was just about to take one myself”.” – Ashlea

“We totally need to go shoppin but first let’s us take a selfie” – Nyoka

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