Cops Called to Break Up Selena Gomez’s Ragin’ Taco Party

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SelGo Parties With Biebs
Selena Gomez reunites with Justin Bieber.
Forget those Project X parties. Apparently, Selena Gomez‘s taco get-togethers are where it’s at.

The singer threw a Taco Tuesday dinner for close friends this week and it got so out of hand that the cops were called the calm things down. According to TMZ, officers were dispatched to the 21-year-old’s Hidden Hills, Calif., mansion at around 11:30 PM after her neighbors complained of the noise, which “was so ear-crushing [the neighbor’s] windows were rattling.”

I guess the SelGo’s pal was really going hard on that grand piano last night. I mean, just look at this inside shot of the hardcore rager.

“Tacos, live music and candles,” Gomez captioned the snapshot. “Such a beautiful night with beautiful people.”