Taylor Swift Has Been Commenting on Her Fans’ Instagram Accounts

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On days when she’s not conducting elaborate jeans heists, Taylor Swift is looking at your Instagram. For the past several months, Swift has been commenting on her fans’ Instagram photos thanking them for coming to her concerts, encouraging their fan art, or just admiring their cute dogs.

It’s the modern day version of the fan letter. Swift’s comments sometimes go even deeper than a simple thank you. Swift muses about her own insecurities and encourages her fans to be strong.

The Washington Post reports:

“That’s why it’s become such a big deal when, over the last few months, pop superstar Taylor Swift has gone above and beyond: She’s started writing some very personal, inspiring, sometimes hilarious comments in response to fans that tag her in photos on Instagram.

Almost immediately, people started posting screengrabs across Twitter and Tumblr to prove that Swift wrote back to them.”

Thank god for you, Taylor Swift. You perfect blonde angel.