Before She Was Kim Kardashian West: See Kim and Her First Best Friend

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Kim Kardashian had some parenting advice for Ciara.
Long before she wed Kanye West in a fairytale wedding in Italy, Kim Kardashian was a carefree chubby-cheeked Spice Girls “Wannabe,” says her childhood friend Nikki Lund.

Lund, now a fashion designer remembers her times with the 33-year-old reality star fondly. She told RumorFix, “We had too many best memories together growing up over the years.” Lund attended grade school with Kim at El Rodeo in Beverly Hills, but the two went to separate high schools. Lund to Beverly Hills High, Kim and her sister Kourtney to an all-girls Catholic schoolMarymount High School.

“I was able to go with them and a few of our other friends to check out the campus and activities for the day and we dressed up like the Spice Girls. It was a ‘free dress’ day for them. They normally had to wear uniforms and so we were neat and tidy Spice Girls. No midriffs, no tank tops, no shorty short skirts etc. But, somehow Kim & I pulled of being Baby Spice and Posh Spice. We loved the Spice Girls.”

Kim and her grade school friend Nikki Lund

The ladies also had their own lingo. Lund explains, “When we had to swear what we were saying was truth, we’d say ‘bible!’” Although the two pals don’t see each other very much now due to their hectic schedules, they do still keep in touch.

After all, like a certain all-girl British pop band once sang, “Friendship never ends.”

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