Madonna Continues Encouraging Teenage Drinking on Instagram

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Katy & Madonna
Katy Perry and Madonna get a little naughty.
Madonna might be trying a little too hard to play the whole cool mom role.

Just six months after she received major backlash following a photo she shared of her 13-year-old son surrounded by booze on New Year’s Eve, she’s back to promoting (what appears to be) teenage drinking yet again.

The mother-of-four took to Instagram to share a photo from her daughter Lourde‘s pre-prom party, showing five girls, two of which appear to be holding glasses of wine.

Madge captioned the photo “Pre prom turn up ! #yaaaaaassssssbitch.”¬† And while the girls have all probably been around alcohol before (come on, you remember high school), they definitely aren’t of legal drinking age, and as a mom–especially a mom whose every move is seen in the public eye– Madonna¬† prooooobably shouldn’t be sharing photos like this on social media.

The singer also posted several other pictures of high school boys from the party with captions like “strike a pose!” and “#graduatebitch,” like she’s really trying hard to be friends with all the illegally drunk 18-year-olds.

It mostly makes me feel uncomfortable because she totally reminds me of the alcoholic moms from high school who whispered in kids’ ears with boozy breath: “If you want to drink I’d rather it be under my roof where I can watch you…”