Robin Thicke Gets Shirtless in ‘Get Her Back’ Music Video: He Texts, Bleeds, We Get Uncomfortable

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6 tracks that should've been on Robin Thicke's new album.
Sorry, Robin Thicke.

If you were going for sweet and remorseful, you should probably make another music video for “Get Her Back.”

What’s wrong with the video, you ask?

For one, it reminds me of the wonderful VH1 series of my youth, Pop-Up Video, which I just found out has been back on VH1 since 2011.

Also, it’s safe to conclude Thicke’s estranged wife Paula Patton isn’t going to rush to the phone and call the guy back, especially with the supposedly Paula-inspired text message conversation that’s sprinkled all over the video for all to see.

My favorites include “You drink too much,” “You embarrassed me,” “I wrote a whole album about you,” “You ruined everything” and “Why Why Why Why Why???”

As for the man himself, it’s one thing to be shirtless and pining for your former lover, but what are all those other ladies doing in the video, and why are they all over you, Mr. Thicke?

Also, why are you bleeding and who gave you the shiner?

“Get Her Back” is from Thicke’s upcoming album named Paula, out July 1. Other Paula-inspired songs include “You’re My Fantasy,” “Lock the Door,” “Too Little Too Late” and “Love Can Grow Back.” (Click here for six other songs that we think should’ve been on the album).

BRB going to watch some old/new episodes of Pop-Up Video.