Nicki Minaj On Drake: She Won’t Date Him, But You Totally Can!

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If it’s not going to happen between him and Rihanna, we’ve always secretly hoped Drake would get together with Nicki Minaj.

I mean, they rap together, they’re part of the same label, they’re at the top of the music industry right now… Hell, they’ve even written songs about each other!  How has this not happened already?

Well, despite our many hopes and dreams, Nicki explains why it probably will never happen, but how one of US might actually be just the right girl for the “Trophies” rapper…

In an interview with Capital Xtra,  Minaj explains why things wouldn’t work out with Drake, saying, “He is perfect but I don’t know about guys in the industry… I think two artists [dating], that’s hard.”

In fact, she said she thinks he should step away from ladies in the industry, too and has some advice for all of us non-famous women who want to get his attention.

“I think what works with Drake is if you act like you don’t like him… Be horrible to him,” she joked. (Is that how Rihanna did it?!)

“I’m kidding.  I think he likes intellectual women actually.  He likes fat asses, but I think he likes a girl who can hold a conversation,” she quickly added.

So… If you have a college degree and a big booty, looks like you are just the right girl for Drake! And if you don’t have a booty, remember… That can always be built (with extra help from Kim Kardashian‘s Booty Building playlist).

Anyway, unless he finds me someday, I’ll keep dreaming of Nicki + Drake = Forever…