Ariana Grande’s 21 Cutest Instagram Pics to Celebrate Her 21st Birthday

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Ariana Grande Is No. 1
Singer Ariana Grande tops the charts!
Happy Birthday, Ariana Grande! This extremely talented lady turns 21 today!

It’s always a big deal when someone turns 21 and Ariana has A LOT to celebrate this year. She recently released her latest single “Problem” featuring Iggy Azalea and it was an instant hit! This girl’s career is on fire right now and there’s no stopping her anytime soon! So, to help give Ariana the greatest birthday ever, we wanted to do something special for her. We decided to dedicate a gallery just to Ariana! We’ve collected 21 of Ariana’s cutest Instagram pictures! Want to check them out? Click on our gallery! 

We first fell in love with Ariana as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s Victorious. Then we followed as she and Jennette McCurdy got their own Nick show called Sam & Cat. Seriously, that show is so cute!

While starring on Sam & Cat, Ariana’s music career took off. Her first album was released last year and it immediately went No. 1around the world. As her fame continues to grow, Ariana’s talent is growing as well. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

In the meantime, Ariana’s got a lot to celebrate! Turning 21 is a huge milestone in a person’s life and we hope she has the best day ever! To make her 21st just a little more special, we made a gallery of Ariana’s 21 cutest Instagram pics. Want to see the photos we chose? Check out our gallery! You don’t want to miss these pictures!

After you scroll through the entire gallery, let us know your thoughts! Which pic is your fave?

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