John Carney: Keira Knightley Got More Attention Than Adam Levine on ‘Begin Again’ New York Set

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Adam Croons
Watch the new 'Begin Again' trailer, featuring Adam Levine, with facial hair.
I scream, you scream we all scream for Adam Levine. Right?

Not so much on the set of Begin Again.

According to director John Carney, all eyes were on the film’s other star during the New York shoot.

Keira [Knightley] got most of that actually — poor girl,” Carney told Celebuzz at the New York premiere at the SVA Theatre on Wednesday night.

“They did follow us around a bit, and the paparazzi. But I figured out a way of dealing with them. You just have to accept them and you have to work with them,” Carney said on the red carpet.

“They’re part of making a film on location in New York. They’re like the traffic, you have to deal with it.”

Knightley, who makes her on-screen singing debut in the musical romantic comedy, admitted she barley paid attention . . . to all the attention.

“I have no idea . . . I don’t think I noticed who got more screams,” she told us. “I was probably just trying to figure out the scenes.”

Formerly titled Can a Song Save Your Life?, Begin Again stars Levine as a singer-songwriter who leaves his old life — and his girlfriend (Knightley) — on his rise to fame.

“I like this [new] title for the film,” Carney told us on Wednesday. “I think it’s very good. I think it gets exactly the spirit of creativity, and starting over with the material you’ve got, rewriting the song or putting different instruments there. It captures what the film is really about.”

Begin Again also stars Mark Ruffalo as a (former) hot shot record executive, Hailee Steinfeld as his daughter, Catherine Keener as his estranged wife, James Corden as Knightley’s best friend, CeeLo Green as a successful artist (himself, really) and Mos Def as Ruffalo’s business partner.

Launch the gallery, above, to see which stars came out for the New York premiere, presented by Delta and Budweiser.

Begin Again opens in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, with a nationwide slated for July 2.