The Latest ‘Game of Thrones’ Intro Mash-Up Throws It Way Back to the ‘80s

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The Pugs of Westeros
'Game of Thrones' in pug form. Just because.
The Game of Thronesmemes and mash-ups are never going to end, as long as the Internet continues to exist.

So let’s embrace these mash-ups with the latest mash-up, which is actually made up of two previously reimagined Game of Thrones bits.

YouTube user Mikolaj Birek has combined a 1995-style GoT intro video, made in 2013, with an ‘80s version of the theme song from this week for yet another enjoyable title sequence.

I suddenly have a desire to watch a bunch of old Xena and Hercules episodes. And maybe a few minutes of The Princess Bride, because the ‘80s (and ‘90s) ruled.