Scott Disick’s Pricey Summer Essentials, Robin Williams in Rehab, Demi Lovato Eats Clay: A Roundup

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Scott Disick’s List of Summer Must-Haves Costs Over $450,000

Want to live like a de facto Kardashian? You better have well over a quarter of a million dollars! According to Disick, his summer essentials list is worth more than your average American home. Find out what pricey gadgets he can’t live without on Us Weekly.

Robin Williams Enters Rehab

The actor, who has previously struggled with a cocaine and alcohol addiction, has entered rehab once again. Find out why on Huffington Post.

Demi Lovato Tries Her Hand at Eating Clay

Shailene Woodley isn’t the only starlet to be on a clay diet these days. Get the details on Lovato’s new obsession on Gossip Cop.

Julianne Hough Reveals Why She Broke Up With Ryan Seacrest

The former Dancing With the Stars is opening up about her breakup with the American Idol host. See what went wrong in their two-year relationship on Fox News.

Inside Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s Anniversary Dinner

The couple just celebrated their nine years anniversary. Starpulse has the scoop on their romantic dinner-for-two.

Katy Perry Has a New Fragrance

The songstress is releasing yet another perfume. Idolator has the full story.