Post-‘Harry Potter’,Daniel Radcliffe Has Really Gone to the Dogs

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I told a coworker of mine that I thought we’d receive a lot of “gone to the dogs” captions for this photo ofDaniel Radcliffefilming a new movie, but it turns out I was wrong! The captions we got were, in fact, much, much better.

“As long as my b*tches love me.” – Paige

“body guard? B*tch please, I got my dogs….” – Mariana

“No f*cks given” – Jackie

“Harry potter gave no f*cks that day” – Jesus

“”Who let the dogs out…” – Kyla

“He’s got all his b*tches with him ” – Becca

” Look mom…. no hands!” – Maggie

“Hagrid, I’m going to Dogwarts.” – Veneta

“I’ve got 99 problems but these b*tches ain’t one.” – Tori

“The dawgfather” – Jenny

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