Selena Gomez Could Play Jennifer Lopez One Day (Minus the Booty)

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J.Lo Twerks
Watch the lovely latina shake her money maker.
Jennifer Lopez has become a world famous sensation in both the music and film industry… So there’s absolutely no way a biopic about the famous Latina won’t happen.

But could play the bootylicious bombshell?

Well, J. Lo famously portrayed Selena early in her career… So perhaps another Selena might just be the perfect coincidence! Say… A special Selena Gomez, anyone?!

While speaking with Sirius XM radio, the singer was asked who she would like to portray her in a movie about her life.  Lopez wasn’t sure so she asked the host to give her a little help at which point someone suggested SelGo.

“She’s a cutie,” J. Lo replied.  “Yeah, maybe, I don’t know.”

The host immediately knew why Lopez might be a little hesitant, responding, “She’s a cutie… But no booty!”

Well, true.  Gomez herself once admitted she didn’t think her celeb crush Drake would ever be interested in her because she doesn’t have a big enough rump.

But still, the idea of Selena playing J. Lo is pretty reasonable.  After all, the producer of SelGo’s album Stars Dance once told MTV News that she is destined to become the next “J. Lo kind of thing.”