Nicole Richie is a Matchmaker Now

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Cameron on 'Esquire'
Cameron Diaz is smokin' hot on the cover of 'Esquire' magazine.
Looking for your one true love?

If Nicole Richie is in your social circle, she’s your girl — as in, she’ll set you up.

On Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live, Richie happy answered Andy Cohen when he asked if she was responsible for the blossoming romance between Benji Madden (her brother-in-law) and the beautiful Cameron Diaz.

“Yes. I’m going to take responsibility for everything,” she said with a grin, as fellow guest Rachel Maddow looked on.

Moments before, Richie also answered a fan who asked if she approves of the relationship.

“I approve of anything that’s going to make Benj happy and I am a devoted sister-in-law . . . I am happy for anybody who’s happy and I want everybody to be surrounded with love, whatever that means,” according to Richie.

Word of Diaz and Madden’s romance first spread some two months ago, when the pair attended a book launch party and went to the gym together in the same week.

In June Madden kinda sorta confirmed he was dating his sister-in-law’s close friend. And just last weekend, Diaz and Madden were spotted in Florida spending Fourth of July together.

Watch Nicole Richie on Watch What Happens Live, below.