John Legend and Taye Diggs Duel in a Sexy Voicemail Sing-Off

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John Legend and Taye Diggs on Watch What Happens Live photo

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Taye Diggs and John Legend joined host Andy Cohen in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse last night (July 10, 2014) for an epic battle.

The duo battled it out in a sexy sing-off to see who could record the sexiest voicemail message.

The “All of Me” singer crooned,”Just leave me a message, baby. And I’ll call you back.”

“Just leave me a message, baby. And I’ll call you back,” he melodically cooed with his velvet voice.

Diggs, jokingly crooned a few off-key notes before conceding defeat to Legend, who can now add “Best Voicemail Recording Artist” to his already impressive list of accolades.

Watch video of the sing-off below.

Diggs was asked if he had any plans to return to Broadway, and he seemed to be all for it. “I’m a song and dance guy,” Diggs said as he flashed some jazz hands. “I’m also getting old, so I want to do a musical where I can sing and dance before I lose me knees.”