Farrah Abraham Got Gross at the Red Carpet Release of her Official (And Graphically Lifelike) Sex Toys

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Farrah Abraham is planning her own Christian parenting book.
Even though she claims she isn’t a porn star and seems to hate admitting how much she relies on the adult entertainment industry, Farrah Abraham has officially released her very own line of adult toys. And before you ask, they’re as gross as you can imagine.

You’ve been warned.

The former Teen Mom spent her Friday evening, on the red carpet, in a bit of black lingerie and showing off for the cameras. In between posing and showcasing the toys, she even took some time to meet with the fans outside on the street.

Even more disturbing, these “toys” are molded from life — giving anyone who buys them the “official” Farrah experience.

Make sure to check out all of the photos in the gallery above.

The party comes on the heels of Farrah’s debut erotic novel being released. “In the Making (Celebrity Sex Tape)” hit bookshelves on July 1st and is already being toted as being written by the New York Times Bestselling Author Farrah Abraham.

Let that soak in as we patiently await the sequels.