Lady Gaga, Is That an Exposed Nipple on Instagram?

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Hello, Gaga
Lady Gaga flashes her nipples in a see through bra.
Overexposure and Lady Gaga are no strangers to each other.

So no one should be surprised that Gaga’s shared a little too much of herself on Instagram on Friday.

During a pre-flight session (she’s on her way to Montana to meet artist Jeff Koons), the 28-year-old entertainer snapped a few photos for all to see.

Here’s one with little Asia on the tarmac:

And here’s one from inside the plane:


[Photo courtesy of Lady Gaga/Instagram]


We’re not sure if Gaga is still flying at the moment or if this snap was completely intentional, but her devoted Little Monsters have already alerted the singer of her nip slip in the comments section.

You can see the original here, if it’s still up.

Somewhere, Scout Willis is rejoicing and Rihanna’s Instagram account is trying to come back from the dead.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s Instagram photo? Do you think she’s trying to protest Instagram’s anti-nudity policy? Weigh in below.