Kristen Bell Talks Working Behind the Camera and Reveals Her Dream Co-Star

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Kristen on 'Frozen' Merch
Can Kristen Bell guess how much folks are willing to pay for 'Frozen' items?
Kristen Bell can do it all. She’s a mother, wife, activist, actor, singer and an all-around awesome woman. Now she’s continuing to add to her resume, going behind the camera to create short films for Lipton Iced Tea.

We were lucky enough to talk to Kristen about her collaboration with Lipton and she told us what it was like to take on this new project. Kristen also talked about her upcoming role in the production of Hair at the Hollywood Bowl, shared her thoughts on her near Peter Pan casting, and revealed her dream co-star! Read through the interview below to get all of that scoop on Kristen! Plus, would she ever record her own album? Find out that answer below!

Celebuzz: First of all, congratulations on baby No. 2!

Kristen Bell: Thank you, thank you!

CB: Can you tell us a little bit about your collaboration with Lipton? How did the partnership come about?

KB: Well they had approached me about becoming creatively involved in a new promotion that they had which is, “Win an Extra SUNday.” And I’m already an avid tea drinker, I love tea and I love Lipton. The idea of this promotion giving people back some leisure time and replacing a day of chores with a “want to-do” list, I thought was fabulous. And I love tea and I hate chores so it felt very organic. I’ve always wanted to step behind the camera a little bit more but it’s nerve-wracking, but I feel like we worked together on compiling a really talented group of people to make these fun shorts. Also, it was easy for me because Stu and Carl, the two delivery men from the commercials, are so funny innately and they’re just sort of thoughtful and comedic, it was very easy to work with. So I had a great time just accessing some behind-the-scenes creativity for this.

CB: Do you think you’ll do more behind-the-scenes work in the future? Do you have a good time doing all of this?

KB: Yeah, I had a great time! It’s a totally different job even though it’s the exact same line of work. It’s a lot more multitasking but as a mom I’ve honed that skill pretty sharply at this point. So I would definitely do more behind-the-scenes stuff in the future. I don’t know in what capacity but I would definitely do this again.

CB: You take on so many different roles from actor to activist to being a mother and wife. How do you manage to balance it all?

KB: I don’t think there’s any one secret. I think it’s just trying to stay present wherever you are, which is hard if you have work on your plate and you feel stressed at home and it’s hard if you’re not home and you’re missing your family. But I’ve found that constantly checking in and being present wherever I am helps. We have a room in the house where we put up our phones when we got home and rarely check them. That helps quite a bit, not giving into the temptation of having an iPhone in your hands immediately makes you feel more balanced.

CB: You worked really hard to get websites to stop showing paparazzi photos of celebrity children and a lot of them, including Celebuzz, actually did stop. How happy are you with the result of that movement?

KB: So happy! I didn’t expect anyone to listen. First of all let me say thank you to all of the people over at Celebuzz because I know you guys were on very early on and as a mother and just as like a fellow human I’m so appreciative. I’m also fully aware at what a small problem in the grand scheme of problems this is. It affects a few hundred children maybe and there are problems like famine in the world, so I can understand someone not wanting to hear about it. But I think doctors work to cure cancer and they also work to cure foot fungus, so no problem is too small to find a solution to. Thinking how it would affect my child to be followed by a group of strangers her whole life because of the decisions I made, made me want to start speaking up and talking to especially other moms and other people who care passionately about children’s rights and their rights to privacy. I was kind of floored that as many people heard me out and then made change for the better. It restored a bit of my faith in humanity and to be honest, celebrity media. For a while it can feel really dark and nasty and I love celebrity media. I think it should be really fun.

CB: I think when everyone jumped on board it showed how much power this movement had and how important it really was.

KB: Yeah, positive decisions have a lot of power. Doing the right thing is really powerful I think.

CB: You’re in the upcoming production of Hair at the Hollywood Bowl, how did that part come about?

KB: I got a call from Adam Shankman who is directing the show and who’s been a longtime friend and fellow musical theater lover. He kind of just called me out of the blue and said, “Would you want to do this?” And I’ve been dying to get back on stage but often times the time commitment for a theater production is six months or more, which is hard to commit to when you have a kid and a family in LA. So I was thrilled that this was a production in Los Angeles, it was a short commitment, a show as good as Hair and a great role like Sheila.

CB: Yeah! It has such a great cast, are you excited to work with everyone?

KB: Oh yeah, I can’t wait! Especially because I think that the music is some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard and it’s a really powerful piece. And I think bringing all of these young people together who I know are really passionate about the show and about music in general, I feel like it’s going to be a pretty moving production.

CB: That will be great! Everyone is so in love with Frozen, I know you can’t predict the future but while making the film did you have a special feeling that this is something people were going to really respond to?

KB: First of all I don’t think anyone can predict a box office success like this, but I knew it was pretty special when we were making it. But I never knew it would have the scope of financial success that it had, you can never really predict that. I’ve seen a hundred indie movies that I thought were unbelievably groundbreaking and still no one ever sees them. Thankfully somehow this one caught on more than any other Disney animated movie in history and I’m thrilled that it has such a positive message especially for girls. It’s sort of a modern day love story of choosing love over fear, love in general not the love of Prince Charming just the love of life and family and confidence.

CB: It was recently announced that NBC wanted you for the role of Peter Pan in Peter Pan Live! Is that something you wish would’ve worked out?

KB: Oh sure, of course! I love any opportunity to do a musical or sing. Music is my first love and it sort of fell so far from my fingertips for so long. But now that I feel that I have more opportunities musically it’s exciting. That would’ve definitely been something that would’ve been great if the timing had worked out.

CB: You do a lot of singing in films and in productions like Hair, would you ever record an album of your own?

KB: I don’t think so. I think that I like to play characters, I like musicals because there’s a story to tell. I don’t think that I’m inspired enough to write or play my own music yet. I like playing characters who sing.

CB: You’ve worked with so many amazing actors throughout your career, but is there someone you still dream about working with?

KB: Yeah so many people! One of the luckiest things about being in this career is that creative people generally tend to be a lot of fun to be around. I’ve made so many wonderful friends in the business that I still have yet to work with. Like Emily Blunt, I would love to work with Emily Blunt, she’s a very dear friend. So the day we find a project that we both get cast in would be a dream.

CB: You would be the perfect comedy duo, you both are hilarious and amazing actors!

KB: It would be so, so much fun for me.

CB: We love when you and your husband Dax (Shepard) work together on projects, do you have any plans to work on more films together in the future?

KB: I certainly hope so! He’s currently writing a couple of projects and I’m secretly over his shoulder trying to see if he’s writing me a role in any of them. But we love working together and would absolutely do it again in the future. You know he got a lot of opportunities off of Hit & Run and I’m so thrilled for him it’s very very well-deserved, whether or not they organically involve me I’m not sure. But I will happily sit on the sidelines until he writes me another role.