Cameron Diaz Cuts Interview Short After Radio Host Bring Up Drew Barrymore’s ‘Drug Years’

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Sex with Drew?
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Cameron Diaz is one fiercely loyal friend. The Sex Tape actress supposedly cut short a radio interview after one of the hosts brought up her pal Drew Barrymore‘s troubled past.

After listening to the interview, I think Cam was more peeved with the mention of her new boyfriend, rocker Benji Madden, but you be the judge.

Diaz, 41, and her Sex Tape co-star Jason Segel, 34, called into the Australian Kyle & Jackie O radio show yesterday morning to promote their new romantic comedy.

After Cameron and Jason raved about how great it was to work with the young co-stars who played their children in the film, Kyle said he hopes the little girl “misses out on the Drew Barrymore drug years, because those were a great thing to watch, but not so good to be in, I’d imagine.”

Diaz actually handled it pretty well, I thought. However, when the snarky Aussie proceeded to mention Cameron’s boyfriend Benji, that’s when Cam clammed up and said she and Segel had to go.

Listen to the clip below.

What do you think? Did Diaz end the interview over her bestie or her boyfriend? Or neither?