Irina’s Shayk Avoids Major Wardrobe Malfunction

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It is tough being a supermodel/actress.

Irina Shayk arrived on the set of Extra today (July 22, 2014) looking oh so lovely in a white pleated dress with lace up peep-toe heels.

At one point as the model posed for pictures, the front of her dress lifted up, almost exposing more than Irina would hope to.

Luckily for the brunette beauty, nothing was revealed and she was quickly able to keep everything under wraps.

The Russian model, 28, spends most of her time in the new Hercules movie wearing very few clothes as the Greek hero’s wife Megara.

She told Metro in an exclusive chat: “I’m a woman who is very confident with the body, with my body. I feel like you can be naked on a different level.”

“To be half-naked for a Greek mythology movie, it’s a piece of art. You know, there’s nothing vulgar in there.”

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