Jessica Biel is Coming to ‘New Girl’

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Olivia Munn on 'New Girl'
Olivia Munn will play a recurring love interest for Nick.
Jessica Day may the most adorkable character on television, but it’s time New Girl added a little sexy into the mix, don’t you think?

Que Jessica Biel talking nerdy to us!

Mrs. Justin Timberlake will be playing the role of the “hottest scientist in the world” who will pose as an obstacle in Jess’ (Zooey Deschanel) mission to score at a wedding.

Considering this will be Biel’s first TV appearance since 7th Heaven, it’s kind of a big deal and much needed after a drab third season.

Not to mention, the news also answers a big question in the plot: Nick and Jess won’t be getting back together anytime soon… Not that there still isn’t a little bit of hope to rekindle.

The show’s writer Liz Meriwether told reporters, “I love them together, and I don’t think it’s it for them at all.  I’ve never been in a good relationship… [So] I just found that it’s been easier for me to write them as single idiots out in the world trying to get laid and looking for love. I had trouble figuring out where the conflict and comedy was coming from with them last season. Admittedly, it’s definitely fun to keep them apart for more.”

New Girl will return to Fox on Sept. 16.